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Regulatory green light was given to San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) to purchase electricity from NRG Energy's proposed gas-fired power plant on the coast near San Diego, California, as the sunshine state need to turn to more gas power generation to fill the void caused by the shutdown of the San Onofre nuclear plant.

To ensure UK CCS energy policies are underpinned by robust technical evidence, the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) has appointed Wood Group Kenny (WGK) as a technical advisor for carbon capture and storage policies, as well as potential projects.

Private sector financing has been made available for Iran to boost its total power generation capacity to over 73,000 MW in June, the deputy energy minister Houshang Fallahian said with reference to panned conversions and upgrade of 7,100 MW of simple-cycle gas-fired stations into CCGTs and more than 2,800 MW of new-builds.

Crippled by an acute shortage of natural gas supply, 18 out of 23 power plants in Nigeria had to stop operations, according to the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC). The situation is exacerbated by one hydroelectric station facing water management issues, with the total loss of generating capacity now amounting to over 2,000 MW. Rolling blackouts have become unavoidable.

Though burning coal is again more profitable in Britain than gas generation as oversupply in coal market returns, July is likely to be the month when combined-cycle gas plants will step up their share in the UK power mix. July'15 the clean spark with CPS are seen at £3.20/MWh, followed by a drop to £2.94/MWh for September '15, according to ICIS figures. 

New electrolysis stack technology from Canadian developer Hydrogenics offers a megawatt conversion capacity of 85%, paving the way for advanced gas power energy storage. "Creating a highly efficient link between the electrical grid and the natural gas system power to gas unlocks the massive energy storage capacity which we have already built and paid for," Daryl Wilson, chief executive at Hydrogenics told Gas to Power Journal.

Gérard Mestrallet, chief executive of Engie, has suggested fossil-fueled power generation is on the way out in Europe, so utilities are taking drastic steps to adapt to new realities. "The choice we have made is very clear. We have stopped investing – and so did the others by the way – in thermal power generation in Europe and we are investing in renewables," he told the FT.

GAMA Power Systems Engineering, the turnkey EPC contractor for the Hamitabat combined-cycle gas turbine power plant, has selected Siemens to supply two SGT5-8000H gas turbines, along with steam turbines and generators, which will have an installed capacity of 1,200 MW.

Both of MAN Diesel & Turbo gas engine models 35/44G and 51/60G are now also available with two-stage turbochargers, achieving high efficiency due to a low- and a high-pressure turbocharger arranged in series. The new models will be launched at this year's Power-Gen Europe trade fair in Amsterdam.

Germany's federal cartel office has ruled that payments from TSO Tennet to E.on for the continued operation of its gas-fired power plant units Irsching 4 & 5 (1,391 MW) are unlawful. For about two years, E.on was for redispatch at times when the TSO ordered the plant to ramp up or down to maintain grid stability. However, the court now dismissed such measures as "illegal," suggesting they would "artificially tighten the supply of electricity."

Eager to avert power cuts and load-shedding in the upcoming summer season, the Egyptian cabinet has put its weight behind the opening of a 750 MW combined-cycle gas power plant in the northern outskirts of Cairo. The cabinet stated that the $500 million plant in Qaliyubia governorate is part of the state's 2012-2017 plan to provide 'environmentally-friendly electricity'.

The uptake of more micro combined heat and power generation (CHP) not only helps to meet the EU's carbon emission reduction targets, it could also cut household energy bills by 25-34% and deliver primary energy savings of up to 25%, a new Delta-ee 'Micro-CHP Benefits Study' shows.


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Lordstown gives 100% tax rebate to lure power project

May 27 – Clean Energy Future LLC will be given a 100 percent, 15-year tax abatement on its ' and tangible personal property' as the company plans to develop a $800 million gas-fired power plant in Lordstown, Ohio. The local council approved the tax rebate in a bid to secure the plant project, which is expected to hire over 450 worker workers over a three-year construction period, and be completed by May 2018.

MHPS wins gas turbine order

May 27 – Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Ltd (MHPS), together with Marubeni Corp., has received an order for two M501J gas turbines and a steam turbine to be installed at the 950 MW LNG-fired Pyeongtaek combined cycle power plant in South Korea. The CCGT, to be owned and operated by y Shin Pyeongtaek Power and GS Energy, is due to commence operations in November 2019.

DoE evaluates US wind power potential

May 26 – Advanced wind energy systems, with taller turbine towers of up to 140 metres and larger rotors, are meant to generate more electricity per dollar invested. R&D support from the US Department of Energy (DoE) has already spurred the wind industry install nearly 66 GW wind power capacity and has helped decrease the cost of wind energy by more than 90%.
Wind generation tripled in just six years, exceeding 4.5% of total generation in the United States, according to DoE figures. To back up intermittent wind power, flexible gas-fired generation is ideally placed and already wide-spread throughout the U.S., underpinned by persistently low domestic gas prices.

Alstom to supply GRT for Tilbury biomass plant

May 26 – Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor (BWSC), the Danish power plant specialist, has contracted Alstom for the third time for a geared reaction steam turbine (GRT) at the Tilbury biomass project. With a capacity of 45 MW, the waste wood power station will be built on the river Thames near London by BWSC and Aalborg Energie Technik (AET).

CME to launch European power contracts in June

May 22 – CME Group, the US's largest futures exchange by market capitalisation, is to launch eight new European power contracts on 15 June. Cash-settled baseload and peakload futures contracts covering the German, French, Spanish and Italian markets will be available, CME said, adding cross margining with its European natural gas futures will be available in the third quarter, subject to regulatory approval.

GE reuses manufacturing plant as warehouse

May 22 – GE's Power Generation Services arm has renovated space at the company's former US transformer manufacturing facility in Rome, Georgia, and will begin reusing it to warehouse refurbished and new parts such as rotors, compressor discharge casings, turbine shells and generator fields. The first components "will soon arrive," it said.

Duke to retire Asheville coal plant, convert to natural gas

May 21 – As part of Duke Energy's 1.1 billion Western Carolinas Modernization project, operation of the Asheville coal power plant, has been running since 1964, will cease generation in early 2020. The coal-fired capacity will be replaced by a cleaner, more efficient natural gas facility, the operator announced this week.

Aggreko grid simulations help meet ROC deadlines

May 21 – Grid connection simulation technology can help wind power developers maximise revenue by meeting the critical 31 March 2017 Renewables Obligation Certificate (ROC) deadline.
To qualify for ROCs, developers must obtain a G59 sign-off agreement from their grid operator after commissioning; alternatively, they can complete the commissioning and testing phase using simulated grid connection technology, which has already been used by Aggreko to accelerate G59 sign-off in the solar PV industry.

Shanghai Electric makes Eurozone debt market debut

May 20 – Stunning investors with successfully placing a €600 million five-year bond, Shanghai Electric has entered the Eurozone debt market with a bang.
Rated at A2/A/A, the Chinese power producer priced the Reg S-only note at mid-swaps plus 80 basis points and increased its offering from an initial target size of €500 million, encouraged by keen interest from investors who are trying to escape low borrowing rates across Europe.

UK: Ferrybridge C Power Station to close earlier

May 20 – With profits flat-lining, SSE has decided to close its Ferrybridge C Power Station in Yorkshire by 31st March 2016 – much earlier than expected. Around 170 jobs will be lost and workers had anticipated a closure rather toward the end of next year.

MHPS wins order for three M501J gas turbines

May 20 – Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas (MHPSA) has received an order from Virginia Electric and Power Company (VEPCO) for the supply of three M501J gas turbines to be installed at VEPCO's Greensville County Power Station.
The three gas turbines will be manufactured and assembled at MHPSA's Savannah Machinery Works in Savannah, Georgia, with a view to completing the project before the end of 2018.

Nelson CCGT starts operation

May 19 – Invenergy's new-built Nelson Energy Center in Rock Falls, Illinois, is now fully operational after engineers on Friday completed performance testing operations on the 600 MW combined-cycle gas power plant.
The operator had bought the site back in 2006, initially planning to run the plant on both ethanol and natural gas, however, plans for the ethanol portion of the project were scrapped.

Cameroon: Altaaqa starts up 50MW of temporary power

May 19 – Altaaqa Global's has stared up some temporary gas power units, with a combined capacity of 50 MW, at the Logbaba plant site in Douala, Cameroon. Completed in only 21 days, the temporary gas-fired power plants, with a combined capacity of 50 MW, provide the country with a new reliable and sustainable source of electricity.

Torrent Power's CCPPs to get gas subsidy

May 18 – All gas-fired capacity of India's Torrent Power will get government subsidy for the use of re-gasified LNG for four months from June to September, the company stated.
Plants to benefit from the subsidy are TPL's Sugen Mega CCPP (1147.5 MW), Unosugen CCPP (382.5 MW) and Dgen Mega CCPP of TPL's subsidiary Torrent Energy (1200 MW). Torrent said the cheap gas will help to boost the load factor of the Sugen CCPP to 35% from currently less than 25.6%.

Capstone wins 1.4 MW orders for New Shale Compressor Stations

May 18 - E-Finity Distributed Generation, Capstone's distributor for the Marcellus and Utica Shale plays, has secured multiple orders totalling 1.4MW of electric power. The orders came from one of their largest Capstone customers.
A Capstone C800 Series product will power one station and the other will have a C600 Series product. Both sites will have a heat exchanger paired with their Capstone system. The combined heat and power systems will provide both primary electric power and a water heating source for buildings and facility fuel gas heating.

Vokswagen in Chinese gas-and-solar JV

Chinese hydropower producer Sinohydro Corp, part of ChinaPower, has announced a venture with a subsidiary of German carmaker Volkswagen to work together in the sphere of electricity generation from concentrated solar power (CSP) and gas-fired plants. The Chinese company has recently also joined in a venture with diesel engines maker MAN Diesel & Turbo SE.

10,000 MW capacity added to Indian grid

Fifteen Indian gas-fired power generators have qualified to receive a subsidy towards imported gas to dramatically boost gas-fired capacity in the country. Notably, Torrent Power from Gujarat, will get supply for three plants and power generator NTPC will have supply for five power plants.  Around 10,000 MW of additional capacity would come onto the grid from June.

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