Italian utility A2A's net income rose 36% year on year at Eur323 million in the first nine month of 2016, the company reported.

France's Engie posted Ebitda of Eur7.689 million in the first nine month of 2016, falling by 2% year on year.

Italian utility Enel posted a net income of Eur2.757 million in the first nine month of 2016, an increase by 32% year on year.

Dong Energy posted a profit of DKK 3.3 billion in Q3 2016, DKK 2.9 billion higher year on year.
The increase was driven by higher EBITDA, lower depreciation and a DKK 1.3 billion gain from the divestment of the gas distribution grid to, the company said in a statement Monday.

Italian power grid operator Terna posted net profits of Eur486.8 million in the first nine months of 2016, up by 7% year on year.

Revenue for the first nine months of 2016 stood at Eur1,551 million, up by 2.3% year on year.

Gazprom's storage facilities have reached potential daily deliverability of 801.3 million cubic meters of natural gas, some 11.4 mcm higher year on year.

That was a “record high”, the company said in a statement on its website at the end of October.

Implementation of the Network Code on Capacity Allocation Mechanisms is progressing, although further steps are needed to promote the full implementation of the code, the agency for the cooperation of energy regulators (ACER) said.

One of the key factors that will determine the amount of gas used in power generation over future years is the cost and effectiveness of energy storage. The cheaper the storage, the more intermittent renewables will be able to be introduced to grids, and the less gas that will be required; especially in higher latitudes where solar is not available part of the year.

France's Engie has signed an agreement with Ukraine's gas transmission system operator UkrTransGaz aimed at further developing the company's presence in Ukraine's wholesale gas market.

Italy's Eni posted an adjusted net loss of Eur484 million in Q3 16, against an adjusted net loss of Eur127 million in Q3 15, on the back of an ongoing low energy prices environment and production shutdown at its Val D'Agri field.

In the first nine months of 2016, it recorded a net loss of Eur799 million.

Swedish utility Vattenfall reported a net loss of SEK 21.9 billion in the first nine months of 2016. Net profits from continuing operations accounted for SEK 1.8 billion.

Gas demand in South America is expected to grow by some 50 billion cubic meters to 2030, reaching 191 Bcm on the back of increased energy demand and renewable production, which will call for flexible thermoelectric back up generation to balance the system.

However, the potential for the region to significantly develop its LNG market remain uncertain, and very much linked to weather scenarios in the region.

It's what emerges from a report on “South America gas markets and the role of LNG” by Anouk Honore, published by the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies.

Russia's Gazprom is ready to face the heightened natural gas demand of the winter period, starting the season with some 72.1 billion cubic meters of gas reserves in storage, according to the head of Gazprom, Alexei Miller.

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Denmark, Germany to hold joint PV auctions

Denmark and Germany are to hold the first joint auction for ground-mounted photovoltaic installations. Under the framework, “for the first time, photovoltaic installations in Denmark can participate in a German auction alongside photovoltaic installations from Germany” Germany's Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) said.

European gas demand is set to increase by 6% year on year in 2016, reaching some 447.1 billion cubic meters.

This rise is partly due to increased demand for gas in power generation following signs of revival in industrial activity, as well as greater use of gas in transport, the European gas wholesale, retail and distribution sectors association Eurogas said in a recent report.